Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Giveaway at Iheartart

Hi there.  I am sharing info about a giveaway at Iheartart paper and ink.  Tiffany Johnson is on her way across country with her family and is featuring guest bloggers this week.  How Fun!  AND, she is giving away a $100 gift certificate to Two Peas in  Bucket.  Come check it out HERE.  Guest blogger Nicole Maki shared these adorable bags.  I may try something like this for DH's coworkers for the holidays and put buckeyes in them. 

House is still a mess.  BIL is coming this morning to install new utility tub for us.  Old one had a crack.  I have 6 loads (minimum) of laundry to start as soon as that is done.  That pipe is connected to the washer somehow and the drainage... can't explain it.  DH and I tried a load of laundry the other day and got water on the new floor!  YIKES!  Oh, and the dishwasher is leaking too.  BIL is going to check that out and see if it is repairable.  May end up with a new dishwasher too.... so many projects... Have a great day -Kelly

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Tiff said...

I am so glad you enjoyed Nicole's post! She is quite the crafter and I was so happy I got to meet her in Utah! Thank you for posting about the giveaway on your blog. Best of luck to you!