Saturday, October 13, 2012

Halloween Party Prep

I wanted to share some random things I have been making 
for our upcoming Halloween Party.  
Most of the ideas were inspired by Pinterest.   
Wanted to share them in case you are inspired.  
Easy Peasy things to do for a Halloween party or any party really.

Hersey Kiss Eyeballs!
Used a small circle punch and a handheld small punch.
Used a red pen for the lines. 
I used Scotch Quick Dry Glue.

Here's the original where i got my inspiration. 
The blogger has those eyeball pics you can print from her blog post HERE.
I needed to be peanut free so I went with the kisses.

These are bamboo skewers that will have fruit on them at the party.
I cut the ring part off of the spider rings and hot glued them on.

Fun duct tape on the water bottles.  
One roll did 24 water bottles and about 17 Hug bottles.

The mummy was such a cute idea on Pinterest, but really didn't work
 well on the Hug drinks b/c of the lumpiness of the bottle.  
Plus, it took a LOT of white tape. 
I made 3 b/c I ran out of the duct tape.  

Here's the original idea for the mummy drinks.  
Original post is HERE
So darn cute on those drink boxes!

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Have a great day!
More projects coming.  
I have a bunch of games to share! 
Our trunk or treat is tonight at church and we are doing a Lego Ninjago theme for our car!

 Love to have you join my Card Drive for Addison.  
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Lisa Rukin Swift said...

These are the cutest ideas for party decor! Looks like a lot of fun!