Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Best Pencil Sharpener Review and Gift Idea

Gift idea (scroll down)

Wanted to share a product discovery with my followers.
A teacher in my building ordered these pencil sharpeners and they are FANTASTIC!
I have been so frustrated with the lead in mechanical pencils snapping off constantly and regular pencils being eaten by manual sharpeners. I used it in a friend's classroom and got a sharpener to do an objective review from the company, ClassroomFriendlySupplies..

Overall, I found the sharpener is easy to use, sturdy for classroom use, and certainly effective.  I have never had a manual sharpener give the point that this sharpener provided.  I sharpened Ticonderogas as well as "cheap" pencils with equal success.  The cheap pencils weren't chewed down to the nub!!!
I do not recommend sharpening colored pencils in it.  I think the lead is too soft.  I tried a few Crayola colored pencils and had success with a few and then one tip broke off. BUT, watching THIS video, I was able to remove the blade, poke out the white pencil lead and had it working perfectly in under a minute. 

 There's a video HERE showing the company's website
as well as how to use the sharpener.

PULL out silver part

PINCH Black tabs. INSERT pencil, release tabs

TURN handle. It come with a surface clamp (not shown).

PINCH Tabs to release

These will be adorable and practical Christmas gifts for the boys' teachers this year. 
I fired up my Silhouette and cut the owl and letter out of black vinyl.
(The recipient, Mrs. P,  loves owls). 
I used the same download and cut a bigger owl for the matching gift bag.

These retail for $24.99, but if you buy three, they are $17.99 each.
I am going to get these for the boys' teachers for Christmas and take advantage of the bundle pricing.  Also, if you are in PTA, you could take advantage of even better pricing with larger bundles.  There are SIX colors to choose from to match school colors, the classroom d├ęcor or just go neutral with the black. 

As a teacher myself, I think these are AWESOME gifts.
They can be given "as is" or decorated up and personalized.
I am entering this decorated project into the Simon Says Stamp Anything Goes Challenge
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I was not paid for this review and I do not receive compensation for the review. 
I was given a free sharpener to review and share my honest opinion.



Heather Switzer said...

I have been a classroom teacher in the middle school for 19 years. Electric pencil sharpeners are too noisy and the kids love to sharpen pencils whenever they get bored. Standard/school issued pencil sharpeners are often breaking off lead or chewing pencils up... UNTIL NOW! I absolutely LOVE this sharpener. The kids love the sharpener. No more chewed up pencils. This is the real deal and super cheap! Once you teach the kids how to use it, they are amazed and act like its magic! Worth the investment! I'm considering getting some as graduation presents for high school seniors this year! And ANY teacher would LOVE to have one or two for their classroom!

Renee Huelsman said...

This is by far one of the best pencil sharpeners I have ever used! The extra steps in the "sharpening process" are definitely worth it once you see the finished product. I have taught a few "experts" in my classroom how to use the pencil sharpener, and they absolutely love their little classroom job. The kids are always blown away with how sharp their pencils are when they are finished. I strongly believe these sharpeners should be in ALL classrooms and would be wonderful gifts for new teachers who are stocking up on classroom school supplies!

Stacy Koch said...

I do not have one of these sharpeners yet, but I have heard that they are AWESOME from other teachers! I love the owl decoration... I think I'm going to have to invest in one of these sharpeners just so I can customize it! I would have never thought to decorate my sharpener. Love it! Great idea!

Virginia Lu said...

How cool is that pencil sharpener! Love your decorated design with the gift tag! So glad that you join the fun over Simon Says Stamp Wednesday “Anything Goes” Challenge!

Ros Crawford said...

What a great gift! Thanks so much for playing along at CCCB!!