Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Card Drive for Addison: Prize Winners

Hello Everyone.
First, I want to thank all the people who made cards (about 250)
 or prayed for the Henderson Family.
It is a long journey they will face for almost ANOTHER two years.
You can continue to follow their journey on their Caring Bridges Web page.  

Addison's Mom sent me this photo.  
SO many more cards to come from you guys! 

Photo: The wall of cards. Thank you so much for organizing the card drive for our family.  All three girls have loved their cards. Thank you to all who have taken the time to make theae special cards and send to us.

Before I share the winners, I want to thank a few people.

To Karen Baker of the Bald Dragonfly, thank you so much for helping me get this card drive off the ground.  I describe my blog as "small potatoes" and through your blog many people saw the drive, sent cards, and even shared it too!  In addition to making cards, Karen also made the badge for the drive that is displayed on many blogs.  Karen donated a prize as well, a custom blog design for a very LUCKY person!

To Jennifer McGuire who has donated an online card class and promoted the drive.
We'll never know how many people sent cards after seeing your post!  

To Kelly-Marie Alvarez and the Lawn Fawn company, I thank you for encouraging me to start this blog a couple years ago which without it, the drive probably would not have even been on my radar.  I thank you for sharing the drive on the company blog and donating a prize for the drive.  I received many cards with Lawn Fawn products that will certainly bring joy to the girls! 

To Studio Calico, I thank you for your generous prize and your faithful follower Betsy Gourley for sharing the drive in the Studio Calico community.

 To Amy Tsuruta, you've been such a great cheerleader for Addison and her family through your cards and repeated posts.  Thanks for keeping the momentum alive.

To the anonymous member of the Two Peas in a Bucket Online Community, I thank you again for the Cherry on Top prize.   

To Sharon Reinhart of Reinhart Designs for sending two signed books written by her for a prize too!  This was a total surprise when it came in the mail!  Thank you so much!

 To all the wonderful card makers, thank you so much for the adorable, beautiful and inspiring cards from all across the country.  Your words of encouragement, the JOKES for the girls and the LOVE that comes from each and every card is so appreciated.

About 250 cards were donated.  
This is an estimate because many people did not want to be included in the drawing. 
 Those cards were not "inventoried".

The winners are listed below.  
I have contacted them via email!

$25 Gift Certificate for Simon Says Stamp: Melissa Shea
$25 Gift Certificate for Two Peas in a Bucket: Maria McClure
$25 Gift Certificate for A Cherry on Top: Stacy Buller
Custom Blog Design by Karen Baker of The Bald Dragonfly:  Dawn Erho
$25 Gift Certificate to Lawn Fawn: Maria Lovell
$25 gift certificate to Studio Calico:Charlene Kochensparger
Online Card Class from Jennifer McGuire: Monica Blain
Two books from SMR Designs: Jess Moyer

God Bless!


Chark said...

Thanks so much, Kelly, for letting us join in! And thanks to those who donated--how cool of them! And here's hoping these cards help lift a few days from cruddy to happy.

maria mcclure said...

Wow, Kelly!! What a wonderful surprise. Thank you so much for the opportunity to share a smile and a virtual hug with Addison and her family.

Thanks also to Two Peas in a Bucket for the generous prize.

Melissa Shea said...

yahoo! What a success! I'm so happy we made so many! That's awesome, Kelly! Thanks for the prize too!! That will make a dent in my wish list!

~amy~ said...


Karen B. said...

So happy this turned out to be successful and that I could help in little ways. Wishing happy thoughts to Addison and her family and thank you for coordinating the drive for her.

Maria@Crafty Cre8tions said...

Thank you so much! So glad I could participate!!

Mary-Anne V said...

Congrats to the winners. Thank you Kelly for organizing this drive. I hope that Addison and her sisters find joy in opening these cards that everyone sent. Her family is in our prayers.

Stacy B said...

Kelly, thanks again for organizing a great card drive for a very worthy little girl. The picture of her card wall is very inspiring. And thanks again for selecting me as the winner of the gc to A Cherry On Top. I had never heard of that company before, but am now a huge fan! They have a great selection of products...and I have already received my new goodies (love fast shipping). Thanks again for everything.

pcm said...

so great to see that wall of cards for addison and so happy to have been a part of it! great job kelly!

Dawn @ the little mennonite said...
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